My Update

I have Windows 7 Professional and was able to install my Maya 2011 and 2012 softwares.  I wish I still had my little animations from Maya 7, but my Viewsonic I had at the time got buggy and I lost the animations I had created.  I had to reformat the hard drive.  Now that I have my 17″ Toshiba Qosmio laptop I would be able to save my future animations and share them.  For now I have to study in school and I have a test coming up this Wednesday.  I have a lot of memorizing to do with my flash cards.

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I had not yet gotten Windows 7 Professional, but I plan to do that in the future so I can install my software I had gotten a long time ago.  I do, however, had other software installed that is a requirement for my classes.  I’m doing fine right now and am going to take a quiz soon in one of my classes.  I hope I do well on it.

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(update 09/03/2011)   I just got my dream computer that would accept my 3D software.  The only drawback is not having Windows 7 Professional Upgrade.  I’m going to be attending an art institute where I can get it through my student loan.  I have to wait for everything to become official first before I attend it (online).

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Description of Green by Example

This short fictional story was written by me a long time ago.Description of Green by Example

Description of Green by Example


The color green emerges after the snow thaws, bringing new life for the new season.  Emeralds, known to bestow good luck, give people the sense of well-being, happiness and security.  Being born with eyes of emerald green is a rare occurrence in the small township of Lillyborn Highlands, and the people see it as a blessing and good omen.  In the far southwest corner of the town, a swarm of people gather outside a one room dwelling where a woman gives birth.  “It’s a boy!” the crowd shouts as they attempt to see the new wonder.  The bright emerald green eyes amaze everyone as they greet the small newcomer to this world.  Each and every person looks in wondrous awe at this new baby boy as he coos and gurgles while being cradled in his mother’s arms.  Several agree that this miracle boy will be adventurous, when he grows up, for he is blessed with emerald green eyes.

While frolicking in the meadows of tall green grass on an Irish Spring day the young boy screams, “Meadows of green are right for me!”  He knew he was blessed with bright emerald green eyes and always found the opportunity to emotionally embrace himself with the color green by dancing in the field, believing it to be symbolic for newness and good luck.  While Nathan picks four-leaf clovers and daffodils, the neighboring Grasshopper Creek swiftly travels, parallel to him, in a hushed sound of silence.  As he admires the beauty around him, Nathan hears lovely singing nearby and turns around to find his eyes fixated on the first love of his life; Darlene.  Soon after, they have several romantic interludes.  When all seems well, the inevitable happens.  The confidence in his luck and in love starts to waver.

While he envisions himself courting her with daffodils, emeralds, and jewelry, he also envisions another man courting her with roses, diamonds, and clustered rubies.  Experiencing the green-eyed monster overcome him with such great force, he takes a deep breath, and holds it, feeling helpless.  Under his breath he declares, “Darlene, you must not go out with that other man or I will be broken to pieces.”  Nathan made sure she had an engagement ring on her finger with a myriad of precious stones to make all the women in Lillyborn Highlands green with envy.  He wanted to make sure that no man would ever steal her away.  To his surprise, he was drafted to the Green Hornets.

The Green Hornets sent Nathan and his troop overseas to encounter the Red Hornets in bloody combat.  The sailor felt lost and insecure as the ship set sail.  Even though the knowledge of the color green gave him good luck, he felt a loss of well-being, happiness and security.  While onboard the green ship, he scanned the ocean and the horizon in search of any possible enemy aircraft.  Suddenly, bombs passed by him and exploded next to the stern, and then bombs sped past his right and exploded onto the other side!  This seafarer didn’t want to press his luck, so he ducked down.  As quickly as one can blink an eye, a shell crashed on the deck and exploded.  For Nathan, the war ended as suddenly as it had begun.

Nathan had to lie down a little bit because he felt green around the gills.  He grew pale with a severe case of blood loss.  The sergeant and captain of the ship arrived to look him over.  “He looks like he’s as pale and green as his eyes.  You’d better take him to the ship’s doctor.”  On their way to sickbay, Nathan died.  Frolicking in the meadows of pastel green puffs on an Irish Spring day the young angel sings, “Meadows of green are right for me!”


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Just pondering,
Normally people first see the glitter on the outside and then later accept a person for who they are on the inside.  That doesn’t seem fair at all because not all people wear makeup/glitter.  One can imagine what everyone would truly look like if all of the hair dyes, perms, and makeup were taken of the market and then people can be seen in a more "natural" state.  What would be more interesting if one can see through all the fake personnas and see each others "hearts" for who they really are.  Then there would be a better chance that more people would accept everyone for who they are on the inside instead of the outside.
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My AHA Moment

My aha moment came as I was driving my car northbound on 15th Street South in Great Falls, Montana.  Three seagulls flew northerly ahead of my car with wings spread out on the breeze like three dolphins that swam gingerly ahead of a sailboat with graceful dance on the sea.
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Blue, blew, or bleu

What can one think of when they are feeling blue and under the sun?  Instead of thinking that they blew it, for whatever reason, they can look at the blue sky and feel good.  They can think back on their birthday and remember what they wished for when they blew out the candles.  Feeding your soul with a bleu cheese topped salad is very satisfying and helps you get out of the blues.  Get dressed up in blue and enjoy the sunshine.

I’m just thinking of blue today.

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