Exercising is a good healthy activity for everyone and is an important part of, or should be in someone’s life, whether it would be golfing, jogging, volleyball, or walking, etc.  It is a daily habit that all should practice.

It keeps you in shape and healthy and that it relaxes you and helps relieve stress.

A good daily habit will help keep you in top shape.

Just some words that came to mind at this moment.  I should get more exercise.

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Talking about YouTube – “Teardrop” – Massive Attack


I learned of this video of  "teardrop" with kaleidoscopic space images from a friend of mine.
I found it to be very soothing music and I’d like to share it with you.


YouTube – "Teardrop" – Massive Attack

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I wish I had pictures from my mothers side of the family so I can remember the pictures I had seen when I was young.  I had seen pictures at my relativess home as well as my grandmother’s residence.  I only remembered them as elderly instead of from their pictures – darn.  I will hopefully get pictures from my sister from my grandmother’s side so I can remember better if that makes any sense.
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Me on Shetland Pony when I was a child


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This Mornings Cryptoquote

Every morning I normally do the puzzles in the local newspaper.  I finish the cryptoquote, crossword, and sudoku to complete my morning routine.  This is the cryptoquote I finished this morning:

It has been well said that a hungry man is more interested in four sandwiches than four freedoms. – said by  Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.

This cryptoquote is very interesting to interpret.

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I had done this mornings puzzle in the local newspaper which is a cryptoquote.  I shared it with some of my friends and I had gotten a lot of interesting answers.  How would you interpret it?  Here it is:

A true friend never gets
in your way unless you
happen to be going down.
— Arnold Glasgow
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    I created two more emoticons and submitted them to gallery.live.com and in a few days they should be approved for download.  The two items are:
        Animation Soccer Ball Kick         Animation5 - worm

(update 09/03/2011) The site had discontinued the emoticons and instead it has gadgets to offer for download if you have Windows Vista.

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